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I feel Radiohead are the most essential band of the last 30 years and much of my music is of a darker hue. However, I play all manner of things for actual gigs from Elvis to Adele, crowd-pleasers, left-field obscurities and a few comic pastiches on classic tracks.

If you’d like to book me, you can select the songs you want from the music page – so you know they will work with your event.

On the Music page there is:

  • A list of the 300+ covers I play
  • Playlists of I things I’ve recorded
  • Original material
  • A secret trove of Alien artefacts



If you’re anything like me (then I’m very sorry) you see the word poetry and cringe at the thought of another collection of self-involved piffle that is as earnest as it is awful.

With caution I hope my work is at least reasonable. I studied creative writing and poetry to develop what I feel is my own style – and they gave me an MA with honours. Thus I am either able, or merely a conformist… ah the existential angst of it all…

Anyway, it’s free and you may stop whenever you wish, so why not give it a bash.



I often have thoughts. Amazing right? Sometimes I am certain there’s use or interest in them, but I have no clue what to do with the little buggers. THINGS is the peculiar elephants graveyard where I have decided to dispose of them.

Social comment, discovered films and music, cartoons and not infrequent ranting or purile humour. I am an incredibly intelligent stupid man and you may have it all.

You’re welcome.


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If you’d like to book me to sing, or share some fabulous wit, ideas or notion with me, here is the place to do it.

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