Because I am glass when you look,

Brandy in your words,

Closer to the truth than I ever thought I could be.

Because we shared the same nursery

Every knock and sympathy


Because you curve like a perfect sigh,

A master crafters work,

And hands that froze in youth become volatile and searching.

Because we fear the same entropy

Of monotone timidity


It’s undeniable, I am, naked and afraid with you

Indefinable, but lately I’m amazed and lose the threads

Of tales I used to tell my youth

And nothing but the truth, means nothing like it used to



Because it all becomes too good to see,

And sometimes even hurts,

Don’t let go of my hand, please, slowly make this love with me.

Because we have the same symmetry

Colour comes from broken beams


Because of all these things

Because of all these things

I Love You