The car in this poem is what started it off – and I’ve tried to create a story round it. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could say what they think the story is – so I can see if I’ve succeeded. I’ll post the ‘story’ / idea that occurred to me once people have had time to comment. Thanks in advance 🙂

Please Pay Your Fine

A parked car
With a yellow and black square on the windshield

A passer by
Passes by

He is in a scuffed armchair
She is on the sofa
It has been a day since their eyes met

A metallic clatter sounds in the hall
Followed by the sound of paper
Falling on paper

The room smells of dog
Although there is no dog

Flashes and pastel shadows cross the walls
Tiny soap operas reflect in their four eyes
But it is silent

A parked car
With three yellow and black squares on the windshield

A passer by looks in
At the crumbs
On the empty child-seat

Three fluids mingle in her bath
Two fluids mingle in his drink
The rain outside washes nothing clean

A purple car
Is towed away