This is for Trifecta. Lot’s of 3’s involved. The topic was the word Crush, the definition 3: to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding <crush rock>.

My effort is written with 3 words per line, 3 lines per verse, 99 words (33 x 3), so I think the 3’s are covered 🙂


A mere germ
I rose up
To the sun

Opened my husk.
I knew not
what might come.

My dream was
To find someone.
We would conjoin

One single step
In the continuum.
A perfect sum.

But you disagreed,
Took my seed
With your need

Laid me down
As a lover
Only to crush.

I am powder
From your rage
My heart particulate.

Suddenly it rains.
Turned every way
I fear drowning

Feel fierce pounding
Then sweaty heat
Air invades me

I am changing
The world ignites
The rain dries

Rising from dust
I have become
Food for everyone