When toddlers don’t know or see the obvious, when they make mistakes with the most basic things, when they think themselves the whole world and all that’s in it, it’s endearing, delightful, hilarious – it’s learning. When that person behaves the same way at 30 it’s infuriating, exasperating and dangerous.
When such toddler-dults run countries and corporations, and their stumbling idiocy means putting profit before planet – it’s time we ‘children’ recognise that we do not need these ‘adults’ to care for us.
As we grow-up there usually comes a point where we realise we’ve outgrown our parents. We are now wiser than they, at least for the world as it has become. It’s a frightening liberty, where we gain the freedom to guide ourselves and lose the comfort of dependence.
That is where we are now. Our ‘Parents’ have become blind, lost in their own interests and unfit. If any other parent treated those in their care as the government is treating the populace, services would intervene on the grounds of negligence and cruelty.
But there are no services, no other guardians or parents to step in for us, to protect us.
We must throw off the comfort-blanket of being ‘voters’, of being ‘ruled’ or ‘governed’. As terrifying as it may seem, our parents are lost and we must step-up, look to our own lights. If 100 people refuse the rules they’ll be imprisoned. If 1,000,000 people refuse, the rules must be questioned. What if 10,000,000 refuse? What if we all do? However, refusal is not conflict.
If we see ourselves as in ‘revolution’ we speak in the language of war, the language our parents use. We do not need to revolt, we need to ‘self-parent’, to stop handing the difficult jobs to someone else, to stop hoping the ‘grown-ups’ will find a way.
This is not conflict, war, revolution or any other act of violence. This is growth, maturing, stepping into independence – it’s a flowering – something wonderful, not military.
If we are to step-up, I for one would hope we can, at the same time, shrug off the language and beliefs of war – they are just one more artefact misbegotten us by our myopic parents. Let’s not have a revolution, let’s have a planet-wide awakening.