I read this in the guardian earlier asking ‘why are we all suffering from mental health issues. I think the answer is fairly clear.
Nothing is true anymore.
There is no trust in the Govt, who lie continually to try and get Brexit, and to prep for an election. Promises of funds for NHS, police etc. are all simply lies – not bending the truth, not partial truth, but straight lies.
The press is full of propaganda and spin, and apart from C4 news sometimes, the TV also. ‘News’ lies as often as the govt – and wider ‘media & entertainment’ sell false ideas of what life is, what we should aspire to, what to expect, what makes a good life.
Science is often strong, but even here big pharma cheat and lie, scientists bend results to secure funding, Govts choose what to fund or not, in order to strangle science that doesn’t promote their agenda.
Education is now just prepping robots for meaningless jobs – based on repetition not knowledge or thinking skills. Once the Govt broadcast pro-brexit propaganda in schools the ‘fourth wall’ was broken entirely. They are not children but drones to be programmed, and the Tories are no longer pretending otherwise.
The internet held the promise of democratising knowledge – but instead just gives every f*cking idiot out there a platform for their vapid or intolerant opinions.
There is a real danger of us losing the plot entirely. We are often too busy or stressed to research, so we pick a source to trust and then suckle from it. Yet there are no easily found sources one can trust. Instead we become as biased as the source, and end up inadvertently supporting something we actually hate. Like voting leave to regain freedom – when in truth it’s just to make the wealthy wealthier. Enough people believed the lies and here we are.
Put someone in a tiny room and tell them they can only leave once they answer a question. Let’s say, what colour is regular lawn grass. Then present them dozens of books, news stories etc. which all contradict each other – and not one says ‘green’. No amount of reading will give the answer, yet with no answer you’re stuck in a tiny room.
Without knowing which way to go we are stuck. There are a hundred questions a day which we cannot truly answer and must just guess at. It leads to a life that feels like walking on ice – constantly concerned, over-cautious, uncertain of our feet. No research will help because everyone is lying to us. Is it any wonder we’re becoming unwell.
Add to this that you can’t buy plastic as it’s killing the planet, but all your food is in plastic. You can’t get many jobs without travel, but traffic is polluting. Clothes are made through child labour. There is nowhere to go and nothing you can do that isn’t toxic to the planet.
The questions isn’t why are we mentally ill, it’s how the f*ck is anyone not.