There has been more than one book, film or even real life story of a person falling ill. Doctors are baffled, the patient is getting slowly worse, yet there’s nothing apparently wrong.

Eventually we discover the husband, wife or another is poisoning the victim slowly – usually to get hold of an inheritance or insurance payout.

Yet the victim relies on their killer – fooled into thinking they are being nursed, when they are being murdered. Heartbreaking thought.

This become a ‘social murder’ with the concentration camps. Millions were lied to by people who pretended to care, coerced into travelling to a ‘new life’ only to end up being murdered.

Later of course the Jews were not lied to – they were just blatantly massacred. After a while lies from those in authority just don’t feel like lies anymore – large parts of the public decided that killing Jews was ok, and went back to reading the paper.

It isn’t always that we just let it happen, sometimes we become active players in atrocity – all the while convinced we’re still good people. We will do incredibly cruel things if someone ‘in authority’ tells us to:

We can bring together the murdering carer, the Milgram ‘permission to harm’ and the holocaust – throw in a bit of Orwellian 1984 too. What almost kills me is that it’s no real exaggeration to say that this is what currently makes up the UK political landscape.

Our government is meant to be the ultimate guardian and protector of its people. Yet they poison us with lies. They allow wages to be beneath poverty levels, then take the wealth created through work from the poor and give it to the rich, remove all safety nets, job security, rights and benefits until working simply doesn’t pay enough to live. Then they place all blame for poverty on the ‘laziness’ of the poor themselves.

The government is killing people in their thousands – and many are baffled – because the patient appears healthy, they can’t explain why they are dying. There are lots of jobs, say the government, unemployment is at a record low. We’re investing in welfare, NHS and education. “So why is the patient still dying,” we ask.

Currently we have a benefits system that puts the sick and disabled through cruel ‘physical examinations’, requiring lifting, bending, stretching – to see what ‘they can do’. This includes those in wheelchairs, people with heart-conditions or arthritis. Many leave in considerable pain. The system also punishes DWP employees who do not deliver enough sanctions. It is deliberately engineered to deprive people.

But the government, the ‘authority’ tells us it only punishes the lazy. The DWP is fair, and Universal Credit is working. “So why is the patient still dying?” We cry.

Slowly, inevitably, the bland lies of the government start to feel like truths. ‘Mum and dad wouldn’t lie?’ we think as children. ‘The govt wouldn’t lie’ we think as adults. Propaganda wins. It stops being cruelty, and starts being punishment. Eventually it becomes “kill those parasites before they steal what’s mine.”

“It’s best that the patient dies.” We start to say.

In Milgram fashion, the government tells us what to think – the wealthy media back up the lies, and slowly we turn to… “of course I’d be happy to help kill them.”

An exaggeration? No. Just what is currently happening in the DWP and its various privately contracted ‘assessment centres’. It’s not overstatement or drama. It’s what is actually happening today, in the UK. Climate protestors are beaten for trying to save humanity, by police who ‘do what they’re told,’ Milgram-style and maybe even believe it. Boris calls them Crusties and the ignorant lap it up. ‘Hard work brings reward’, we’re told, and seem to fail to notice that it doesn’t. We remain convinced by a ‘trickle-down’ economics that has never existed. We believe the EU is our enemy when it’s all that stands between us and the destruction the Tories will bring.

This is a post-truth world, where we believe so many lies we make ourselves unable to understand truth, because it contradicts everything we’ve come to accept. The UK is a civilised, kind place – we’d never kill disabled people in some thinly disguised social eugenics…

Sadly the holocaust mechanism comes in here. So many believe the media and the government that they are actually calling not just for the death of the “poison victim”, but for their own deaths as well. “Bring on Brexit”, “Go Boris”, cry a million ignorant poor, brainwashed by the govt and the press – they cry for more legislation that will destroy their lives – more medicine that poisons them. Where once the poor would have stood together, Brexit has brilliantly divided them in two – and they fight each other instead.

We are no longer heading for a nightmare, for human rights atrocities – we are no longer in danger of forgetting the lessons of the past – we are already there.

Yet three essential things stop us waking up to this fact.

First – the media we once trusted to tell us the truth now only tells us what the billionaire owners want us to hear. They don’t want an aware public – they want the cattle to remain ignorant right up to the abattoir door. Second – we cannot believe such cruelty is possible. So we don’t. Despite all the evidence we unconsciously block our ears and cry ‘nah, nah, nah’ – unwilling to see or hear. Third – we cannot believe that our nurse is killing us – when they keep saying they are curing us. It would be so warm and safe, so comforting and wonderful if they really were caring for us – so we keep believing the comforting lie.

We keep trusting, not based on fact but based on a refusal to see or feel the pain of the truth. And the poor keep dying.
That is what is going on. That is what we fail to stop if we don’t strike / protest / write to our MP / anything… How long will we overlook the toxic carer, the person showing all the signs of nursing the victim while quietly killing them?

All that evil requires to win is for good to do nothing.