The law, the police, the army – have nothing to do with right and wrong, good or bad. They are used for enforcing the rules which the wealthy and the elite want enforced – rules which keep them wealthy.
The wealthy, governments, leaders or countries et al. decide they want to own things. They at no point have any real claim on these things, they just want them. Since they have no real claim, they pay people to shoot anyone who tries to take those things. Then they write laws that say they are entitled to those things, and pay people to jail anyone who says it’s not true.
Yet there are no ‘real’ countries – only stories about boundaries which have no physical reality. There are no ‘real’ governments or leaders, only stories about how one group should do what another says – with no basis in physical reality. There is no reality to their ownership. Any law which gives them ownership is a law they wrote and is just a story with no basis in reality.
Every conflict on Earth is a fight over who’s story is more true, despite the fact that neither is. The law is ONLY the elite’s attempt to write a story and stop people arguing about whether it is true or not. That is all.
We think this is naive, that it can’t be so simple.
It is.
The law is complicated exactly in order to disguise how simple the con is.
If I spend my days standing near homeless people waving thousands of pounds around while giving them nothing – I will have broken no law. Every fibre of us screams about how cruel this would be but it is not breaking any law. Yet if one hungry person tries to snatch even a single pound, they can be arrested. We know that I would deserve having my money stolen, for being such a prick about it – but it is not allowed.
This is very simplified, but essentially true. There are billionaires who can buy houses like they’re a bag of crisps, yet people who work in the factories of these billionaires can’t afford to eat. This is perfectly legal. That is the law. It is a travesty.
But it’s fragile.
There is nothing real standing between us and our saying ‘fuck this, I’m not accepting it any more,’ except the stories. That is why the media scream so loud, so often. They know that if they relent for just a moment, the truth may get out and the elite will be exposed for the liars and con-artists they are.
We need a new system of law, that protects people, that focusses on compassion and morality – that has a heart, not just a bank account. To get it we need to help the people who ‘uphold the law’, not the judges who benefit but the foot soldiers who struggle just as you and I do. We need to help them to wake up to the reality – that we are on the same side, that in fighting for the elite they are making their own prison, and ours too.
It’s all just stories – we must become not just readers but writers too.