If you are thinking of self-isolating and having food etc. delivered – it’s worth at least acknowledging the reality of that action.
It may be for the best, it may even be unavoidable – but I am left with a bad taste in my mouth in at least one respect. What about the people, too scared to lose wages, who must deliver that food, and thus cannot self-isolate – who must put themselves at risk for the benefit of those more financially able to absorb this crisis?
What about those who ensure your internet, water, gas, electric, TV and phone keeps working?
I’m so very tired of the thousand ways poverty is destroying lives – especially when one considers that money isn’t even real. It’s a tool we invented, that is no longer serving us but killing us, and yet we seem unable to stop worshipping it.
Our own government delayed self-isolation because it didn’t want to damage the economy. They placed a selfish fiction above the lives of thousands. This wasn’t a mistake, or a misguided response under the pressure of crisis – it is an ethos, their whole approach, they do it every day through cruel welfare and social care policies. Money is more important than life – human, animal, plant, even the entire planet.
This virus is not showing us a different world – it is only bringing the horror of every-day life into an unforgiving light. We have been forced into ever deeper isolation by capitalism, right-wing politics, media fear-mongering and more for decades. Taught that we ‘can be anything’ and so our failures are our own – even while opportunity has become the rarest commodity on Earth. Convinced that all poverty is laziness, we cheer them on as they remove all safety nets, all social care, all compassion from our societies. Then a virus arrives and reminds us that we are all human, all vulnerable to luck, good or bad, none immune to life’s vicissitudes.
Is it not the saddest of realities that a potentially fatal virus recognises that we are all equal, yet we cannot?
Covid may temporarily bring the world to a stop. It is a rare opportunity to ask what really matters – and do we really want to wait until Covid passes and then just carry on this appalling reality as if nothing had been learned?
There is nothing more powerful than a story. The government lied about Europe, and we read the story and voted to leave. They lied about immigrants, and now different races are attacked on the streets of Britain. They lied about the NHS, and now Covid will expose how broken the system is. They lie about how much power they have and so we are too fearful to fight back. They lie that EVERYTHING must be measured by its financial worth – but this remains only a story.
It can be re-written.