Imagine your brain gets greedy.

First it begins to take all the blood from your feet. After all, your feet are far away, and look nothing like a brain. Easy to imagine feet don’t matter, they’re a different species, stuff ’em.

Soon it takes blood from the legs. Never all of it. The brain always leaves just enough so the legs don’t die. But the legs grow weak, the feet grow weak.

Yet it’s never enough. The more blood stolen, the more the hunger for it. So it takes from the gut, the lungs… until it finally takes straight from the heart.

“Stop”, cry all the organs, the skin, the bones – “you’ll kill us”.

“Don’t be silly”, says the brain, I’ll trickle down enough blood for everyone, but I’m the most important, I’m what makes it all work. You’re nothing without me.

Then one day a predator comes along and the brain needs to run away. But it can’t. Because it has drained the body so much that it can’t stand up, let alone run. And so the predator just slowly eats the body.

“Go ahead”, says the brain, “I don’t care – it’s just feet and lungs and guts. I’m what really matters.” In its love of power and lust for blood, the brain has so completely forgotten its connection to the body, its reliance on the heart and muscle, that it gloats and laughs even as the vessel for its life dies.

And here we are. The hands who create wealth are starved – for money, the sewerage worker kidneys overwhelmed with poison and over-worked – for money; and the heart – the true source of all life and joy, drained and dried – for money. The body of our species now so weak that when CoronaVirus comes, we panic, we argue, we fight – we seek to profit before we seek to cure.

No need to imagine. We’re here.

But we’re alive and it isn’t too late. The virus attacks the body – and so the blood must return to it, to help it survive. The brain will hate this, fight it, do all it can to stop it… but it’s this or die.

Maybe we reclaim our blood directly – we remember that people are the body of humanity. The liver fails and poison reaches the brain. Hands refuse to pick up, put down, press buttons for the brain. The colon goes on strike and drowns the brain in shit. Metaphorically speaking, the brain can’t even wipe its own arse without help from the whole body working in concert. The wealthy cannot wipe their own economic arse without using the poor as toilet paper.

Maybe we stop eating at the poisoned trough and start taking in real nutrients, from the world, from each other. Stop eating candy and drinking beer, taking in the numbing, empty calories of crap movies, fake news and toxic media, the lies of ‘trickle down economics’, ‘work hard get success’. Start eating kindness and compassion, connection and joy. Break our reliance on blood money – and work together as a whole body of humanity, to put the brain back where it belongs – essential, beautiful, intelligent, but only one part of the whole with no more or less value that the rest.

The brain is clever. Thanks to the brain we have many gifts. But if the kidneys die, or the gut dies, or the liver dies, or the lungs die – the brain dies. If any one of these ‘unskilled organs’ fails – the whole body fails.

It isn’t too late. In fact, now is the perfect time – the ‘enemy’ is a friend in disguise, a wake-up call.

Opportunity has come in strange clothes.